my heart's under lockdown

.gettin' jinki with it.
☆My name is Cheena.
☆Age is 14; location is U.S.A.
☆Shin Dongho's unknown wife; onew's obsessed stan; & Cho Kyuhyun's biased girlfriend.
☆Music is my drug; kpop is my heroine.
☆I rep the Filipino pride all up in here. 8D
☆I don't stalk, I simply gather information and use them to my advantage.
☆I think of myself as the coolest, but that's just me.
.an allKYUholic.
☆Main biases are SHINee, U-Kiss, and Super Junior.
☆Keyboard smash is a daily regimen.
☆Co-mod of idol_i & mblaq_aday
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